What if we could increase urban density without losing the sense of neighborhood?

What if we provide 100% of building energy needs with renewable fuels?

What if we use captured rainwater for all toilet flushing and irrigation?

What if we celebrate storm water is biowales instead of hiding it underground?

Shizen PDX in the Community

Shizen PDX has teamed up with PortaPottyRental.org to host the first annual 10K race for local charities. The race will be held on the first Sunday of next month on the land owned by Shizen PDX. Porta Potty Rental is providing 50 vip porta potties along the race track as well as drinking fountains and hand washing stations. For more information about the race check back soon, we will be posting updates right here on Shizen PDX, or feel free to contact us today or stop by our office. Hope to see you there!